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So for our one year anniversary, I decided that since my boyfriend loved this sign so much in the game, that I would get it custom made into a sign, and I am so happy with the outcome! <3

This was what I put on the box =3


Another acrobatic kill.

The ending. Why… WHY!??


My shirt finally came in! I know, I know.. I have problems. #riptagram #rapture #bioshock #gaming #clothing #self #bigdaddy #mestoofsta

I am so happy with the goodies I received today from Roman! Chun-Li Kitty is super cute and my *mystery prize* was such a pleasant sur*prize*! I also finally recieved my Scott Pilgrim Precious Little Boxset :D Excuse me while I indulge…

Roman, your handwriting was pretty legible so I will be expecting my trophy! :P

Like I said, its a very shitty review for such an awesome figurine, but I guess practice makes perfect?

This video doesn’t do justice to the wonderful detail that NECA has put into making these Bioshock figurines. From the crevices in the pants, the weathering of its whole body, to just the bolts placed on his helmet, no detail was left out. The same goes for the Little Sister; again it surprised me that they even gave her movement due to her size, but she moves wonderfully right from opening the package. The same goes for the Bunny Splicer Mask (there’s a pic on my self posts). This is a great addition for any Bioshock fan, and even though it may not be as kick ass as the Big Daddy Bouncer (nothing can beat that in my opinion), they are both still wonderful and am glad to add them to my collection.

Thanks for those who have given this video a chance!

The link to where I purchased it at: www.bigbadtoystore.com (thanks to @tortugaviejo for sharing this amazing site.)

This is a gamer/nerd haven for those in search of some cool collectibles.

the rest. :)

*note: Unfortunately with the little sister,  the syringe wouldnt stay in her hands when i tried to put it in the right way, so she’s holding it upside down -__-